Monday, May 18, 2009

Intimates™ at INTA

Elle Macpherson Intimates™ @ Liverpool Daily Post

Trade-mark (CDN spelling) colleagues from around the globe, including my firm, are gathered in Seattle, inter alia, to hear Elle Macpherson deliver an undoubtedly interesting keynote address at this years' INTA (International Trademark Association) conference.

The ever vigilant, diligent and long suffering scholars at IPKat report on her disquisition. She is said to have spoken "eloquently and fluently of her brand -- Elle Macpherson Intimates™." Despite Ms. Macpherson's appearance, IPKat advises that it was "the lovely Richard Heath [picture omitted, speaking about domain names] who melted all our hearts with talk of expanding private/public partnerships, putting the can on ICANN so far as introducing more general top-level domains is concerned, establishing regional councils and coordinating their assault on counterfeiting, and so on." Trade-marks lawyers and agents are indeed true professionals and always focus first on policy priorities.

In the interest of research on brand exposure, innovation and protection, you may wish to pursue further study of Ms. Macpherson's website here. which uses "Flash" techniques in more than one sense. I must say that the Fordham Conference was never quite like this.

I, however, missed out on all of this stimulating intellectual excitement. Patriot that I am, I remained here in Ottawa to celebrate Victoria Day.


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