Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bono Bonanza - Three Strikes and Three Bonos

MSNBC European Voice US Congress

It seems that Guy Bono (above, centre), Socialist Member of the European Parliament from France, doesn't like the "three stikes" bill and will fight it from Brussels.

BTW, here's the best description I've seen to date of the French HADOPI law, naturellement from IP-Watch.

Meanwhile, there's another Bono, the rightly renowned leader of U2 and proponent of many worthy causes. The manager of that band is prominently on record that:
The French government should be congratulated – it is proposing a law that is a workable solution to the problem of online piracy. It has brought together ISPs and content industries in a way that will effectively protect music and film rights, while respecting important consumer freedoms.
Then, there's the late Sonny Bono, musician and congressman, who also had some interesting thoughts on strong copyright, according to his widow, Congresswoman Mary Bono:
Actually, Sonny wanted the term of copyright protection to last forever. I am informed by staff that such a change would violate the Constitution. I invite all of you to work with me to strengthen our copyright laws in all of the ways available to us. As you know, there is also Jack Valenti's proposal for term to last forever less one day. Perhaps the Committee may look at that next Congress.
Sonny probably would have loved "three strikes" - and extended the ban on internet access to "forever", in the interest of consistency.

So, I'm left to wonder about the answer to the proverbial question - cui bono?

Of one thing readers may rest assured - this blog is emphatically undertaken pro bono.


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