Friday, May 29, 2009

Good News From Geneva

As I said, things may have been more nuanced than appeared.

No details yet but a little tweet from Jamie says that:

WIPO sccr18. Text is now out. The proposal for a treaty "will be discussed at the nineteenth session of the SCCR."
So - the proposal will move forward and isn't dead.

Sounds like progress to me.


PS - William New of IP Watch reports today - May 30, 2009 that:

The committee negotiated intensively on the chair’s text of the meeting conclusions, going through three drafts (IPW, WIPO, 29 May 2009) before reaching final agreement.

The committee’s late night outcome put the visually impaired treaty proposal – along with any other proposals or contributions on limitations and exceptions - on the agenda for discussion at the next SCCR, the date for which is not set. It also keeps on track a secretariat-led initiative to bring stakeholders on the visually impaired question together through a “platform”.

The final SCCR meeting conclusions text is available here [pdf].

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