Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MacGillivray to Twitter

I don't normally blog about personal or personnel issues but this one is important.

Alexander Macgillivray - the brilliant young Canadian Harvard grad Deputy General Counsel of Google and sometime Fordham frequenter - who was the brains behind the Google Book Settlement and many other things- is going over to Twitter. Here's the NYT confirmation.

This is an unbelievable catch and great news for Twitter.

What it means for Google and the rest of the net remains unclear. Alex, or "Amac" as some call him, is one of the most influential minds around today in the world of IP and cyberlaw.

Whatever, we wish him well because he's a swell and remarkable guy and a great credit to Canada, who is flourishing in the heart of the digital evolution and revolution and who believes in a balanced IP system.

What I know is that this means that Twitter really matters. Happy to say I was a relatively early adopter.

See here.


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