Thursday, November 20, 2008

CRTC on Throttling - Round 1 to Bell

Here it is:

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers' application regarding Bell Canada's traffic shaping of its wholesale Gateway Access Service

Reference: 8622-C51-200805153

In this Decision, the Commission denies the Part VII application by the Canadian Association of Internet Providers requesting that the Commission order Bell Canada to cease and desist from traffic shaping of its wholesale Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line services and, in particular, the wholesale service known as Gateway Access Service (GAS).

The Commission's determinations in this Decision relate solely to Bell Canada's traffic-shaping practices in relation to its wholesale GAS, and are based on the evidence filed in this proceeding.

The Commission notes that parties to this proceeding have raised concerns related to existing and emerging Internet traffic management practices that are beyond the scope of this proceeding. In light of the importance of these concerns, in a Public Notice issued today, the Commission initiates a proceeding to review the current and potential Internet traffic management practices of Internet service providers with respect to both retail and wholesale services. The process for this further proceeding, which will include an oral public hearing, is outlined in Telecom Public Notice 2008-19.

Here's the full text.

PS - In a rather unusual development, the Vice Chairman of Telecommunications at the CRTC, Len Katz, has extensively defended the decision in an interview with CBC here.

This decision was rendered in 7.5 months from the date the application was filed on April 3, 2008. In the meantime, there was an interim ruling. Much of the record can be seen here.


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