Friday, June 04, 2021

Where are the Responses to the Canadian Government's Copyright Consultations?

For those looking for the promises copies of submissions in response to the Government's recent "consultation" efforts on term extension and internet intermediaries, don't hold your breath.

The first consultation effort closed on March 31, 2021. BTW, here's my first submission and here's my second.

I was assured by a senior official on April 23, 2021 that:

Now that the copyright term extension consultation period has closed, our teams are currently in the process of reviewing the submissions that we have received.  We are also working to ensure that the submissions are posted online in a manner that is consistent with the Government’s web publishing standards, including giving due consideration to accessibility needs.  Please rest assured that the submissions will be made available as soon as possible.

I can't imagine what is so complicated about getting these submissions online.

Meanwhile, we wait with baited breath for consultation paper #3 on the Internet of Things. Just what Canada needs now ;-(.


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