Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speaking of Statistics (and Copyright Blogs)

Not surprisingly, IPKat shows up yet again as the "first in show" copyright blog this week according to the Copyright Litigation Blog.

Congratulations to my dear friendly felines - Jeremy (the wise and wily tom cat), Annsley, Tufty and all the other Kats and Kittens...

No doubt their otherwise well deserved popularity this week was not diminished with this deceptively misdescriptive (though only barely) but still somewhat salacious blog about the "Naked Truth" of American trade marks litigation involving a cow boy, cow girl. and guitars.

Curiously, my little Canadian blog, lately rather neglected by the undersigned, apparently came in at number 11 around the world.

This is interesting, especially since neither this blog nor that blog were even mentioned.

There's an old adage about lies, damn lies and statistics - the latter of which is a hot topic these days in Canada that has even reached the New York Times. The Canadian long form census debate is ironically related to to copyright policy and the debate unfolding on Bill C-32. This is because of the air tight protection for DRM and TPM measures in Bill C-32 and the inadequate protection from their privacy invasive potential. See here on this blog a few days ago.

In order to achieve more reliability on copyright blog readership statistics, we really should consider including one or more questions on the mandatory Canadian census - if it survives - about blog reading habits so that Canadians can know the real truth about who reads what and why...

To certain readers who occasionally take this blog, including its title, too literally - part of the foregoing is tongue in cheek. But only part. If you can't guess which part, you need help!


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  1. You might suffer for the name of your blog, perhaps mIPle leaf will get you to the top!

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading it!