Friday, April 10, 2009

Barbara Ringer 1925-2008

Barbara Ringer, a legend in US and world copyright law has passed away. I didn't know her but people I do know did and had the highest regard for her.

Her death has brought Bill Patry out of his blogging retirement for only the second time, the first being the passing of Sir Hugh Laddie. Here's Bill's remembrance.

Bill, if you see this, hopefully your touching and learned eulogies to great copyright people will be few and far between. We do need your trenchant and important comments on a regular and frequent basis, now more than ever. As Sir Hugh himself said:

How terribly sad. In a world of ever more strident and uncompromising views, your blog was a beacon of erudition and common sense. It is a disaster that you have chosen silence even if the reasons for doing so are understandable.

As you will have seen from all the comments posted on your blog, there are many who will miss your insight and willingness to tackle the big issues without partisan bias.

The world of copyright will be the poorer for your decision.

However, I believe that I am like you in one respect. We are both optimists. For that reason I refuse to accept that this is the end of Patry Blog. This is just its suspension. I live in hope, and expectation, that the intellectual honesty which has driven you to make this wonderful contribution to copyright learning will force you back in the not too distant future.

Your brother - Hugh Laddie


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