Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vaver Live today on Euro Excellence v. Kraft

Tune in for a webcast at 1:00 PM today, Wednesday October 24, 2007 for Prof. David Vaver, formerly from Osgoode Hall Law School and now at Oxford, who will lecture on the SCC’s Kraft’s decision:

Osgoode advises that:
Professor Vaver’s lecture will assess how the Supreme Court is interpreting Canada’s intellectual property laws and how its decisions may affect legislative policy. Among the cases considered will be the Euro-Excellence v. Kraft Canada (2007), where an attempt to use the copyright law to block parallel imports of chocolate bars into Canada was narrowly repelled. The decision, involving four widely divergent opinions, recalls Milton’s lines from Paradise Lost: “Chaos Umpire sits, And by decision more imbroiles the fray By which he Reigns: next him high Arbiter Chance governs all.”
Dr Giuseppina D'Agostino advises that:
By popular demand Osgoode's James Lewtas lecture featuring University of Oxford Professor David Vaver will be webcast live starting at 1:00PM Eastern Time on Oct 24 in Windows Media format.

I am advised that the link to the webcast should be available on the Osgoode Hall Law School homepage and that the event should also be archived online on the Osgoode Conferences and Seminars page.

I must confess that I have a particular interest here. On behalf of my client, the Retail Council of Canada, I presented the arguments at the Supreme Court of Canada that prevailed in this case. Here’s my early summary of the outcome.

With David's well deserved reputation as a renowned scholar, author and teacher of copyright law, his take on this will doubtless be both very interesting and very important.

I truly have no idea of what he will say, but I’m really looking forward to hearing it. And I'm so pleased that I and doubtless others persuaded Osgoode (my alma mater) to do this "live." Thanks, Pina!


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