Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hong Kong Leads the Way - Again

Once again, Hong Kong shows that it leads the way, in certain respects at least. It has opened an official government intellectual property rights museum.
The 235-square-metre museum in Kowloon Bay displays more than 300 pieces of significant copyright-infringed items and counterfeit goods seized by Customs. Simulated scenes of copyright-infringement activities in the museum will also serve as a useful training ground for frontline investigators.
This follows Hong Kong's conscription of the Boy Scout movement last year. The Boy Scout conscription quickly spread to L.A.

I can only wonder at what an American version of an intellectual property rights museum might look like. The entrance hall might feature a larger than life statue of Jack Valenti doing epic battle with marauding VCRs. Or a likewise impressive statue of Sonny Bono standing on Gutenberg's tomb with an endless loop of a heavenly chorus singing a rapturous oratorio entitled "Forever" with lyrics by John Ashcroft.


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