Friday, September 25, 2009

A Real Debate on Copyright

Those interested in a real debate on copyright may wish to attend the Canadian Constitution Foundation ("CCF") Conference October 2-4, 2009 in Toronto. I'll be debating Richard Owens Stikeman Elliot LLP, Toronto.

There will be no "duet" or "un-debate", as in the current Woodrow Wilson road show on copyright.

This is the third annual CCF conference. CCF is a a conservative and influential foundation based in Calgary that encourages serious and high level debate on some very controversial topics that involve "Protecting the constitutional freedoms of Canadians", and participates in some very interesting litigation projects.

Other topics in the conference include:
  • Is there a human right to be free from offence?
  • The legal status of polygamy
  • Racial equality, aboriginal rights, and Section 15: examining R. v. Kapp
  • The place of religion in the public square
Keynote speakers will include Justice LeBel of the Supreme Court of Canada and George Jonas.

I understand that there are very few spaces left.

Here's where you can register.


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