Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To Plagiarize, "Research" or "Shade Your Eyes"?

There has been much discussion today of plagiarism in the context of the Canadian election, with accusations reported around the world of plagiarism of Australia's former Prime Minister John Howard concerning the war in Iraq in a 2003 speech in Canada's Parliament. There have even been suggestion that the impugned wording, or at least the "talking points", came directly from Washington, which would at least obviate the accusation of plagiarism of Mr. Howard. This has been denied, on the basis that "it was “ridiculous” to suggest the Conservatives were directed by George W. Bush and the Republicans or provided with talking points on Iraq." In any event, an individual speech writer has taken responsibility for the 2003 speech and stated: ""I apologize to all involved and have resigned my position from the Conservative campaign."

On a lighter but trenchant note, never has there been a a better satirical exegesis of the issue of plagiarism than from Tom Lehrer, the 20th Century Mozart of satire, parody and perfect commentary of all things intellectual and political. Hear it here.

Tom - where are you now when we really need you again? Tina Fey is a great satirist and parodist. You could do even better... We live in interesting times, Tom. We miss you and need you...

BTW, one of my fav blogs has picked up on my campaign for a satire and parody right in Canada. See here on IPKat.


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