Monday, September 29, 2008

NDP on Copyright and the 2008 Election

The subject of copyright still remains apparently a non-issue at the leader level.

The NDP does at least mention it in their Platform, as follows:
Ensure that new copyright reform legislation fairly addresses compensation for artistic creators and includes proper input from all affected stakeholders including: arts/artist groups, educators, software innovators, consumer groups and ordinary Canadians.
(BTW, I said in the first version of the post that the document wouldn't allow for copying and cut and paste convenience. That has now changed and the document now does allow for it. Maybe somebody in the NDP war room actually read my blog ;) Whatever, thanks for the progress.)

The Liberals don't even mention the subject, and their platform was never locked up.

There's a lot of general criticism that there is so little discussion of actual issues going on. One would have thought that Bill C-61 would be a good issue to discuss, given the potentially severe consequences in terms of civil and criminal liability for Canadian individuals and businesses.


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