Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jim Prentice on Last Episode of CBC Search Engine

Here’s Jesse Brown interviewing Minister Jim Prentice on Bill C-61 on the terrific CBC Search Engine show.

Asked about issues as issues related to copying legally purchased but locked CDs to an iPod, or breaking cell phone locks, he gave answers that can most generously be described as unresponsive and evasive. He described such basic questions as “technical” and “arcane.”

Asked about whether digital locks would lock down everything and override the new consumer “freedoms”, he said that wouldn’t be a problem because “the market would make those decisions.”

Then, he hung up.

And, whether by coincidence, or just tragic irony, it turns out that this is the last Search Engine show. This was a great and award wining show with excellent ratings - a sort of radio version of “This Hour Has Seven Days” devoted to cyber issues. It was very hard hitting. Like today’ episode.

So, of course, the show has been canned by CBC management.

Bravo, Jesse Brown et al.

Shame on CBC management, who are a disgrace to their role as guardians of the public trust in an independent state owned public broadcaster. It looks like the purge on elitism and excellence that is largely complete at Radio Two is now moving on over to Radio One.


PS October 15, 2016:

RIP Jim Prentice, was died yesterday in a plane crash. Here's a hard to find archived copy of the notorious interview mentioned above. If this doesn't open properly for any reason, try this:

or this:


  1. really makes you wonder if it was political!

  2. Nice assessment of Prentice's answers. Disappointing, to say the least.

  3. Of couse it was political. It's not the first time.

    CBC Cancels Documentary at Behest of Chinese Embassy in Disturbing Move
    (11/12/2007 1:27)

    max brenner