Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ivor Tossell on Bill C-61

Here's an excellent article with a link to a great online voice story by Ivor Tossell at the Globe and Mail.

Here's the biting podcast.

His voice link mentions Michael's, Laura's and my blogs and quite correctly indicates that we are far from being "anti-copyright zealots" and that we not "partisans" fact we are "great proponents of copyright"...

We just want to see a system that works for everyone, and not just the American Government and a few content industry trade associations....

He believes that a big problem will be that the Government is over-regulating what people can do with what they have bought and paid for.

He says that "the future of the legislation doesn't look bright"

He is right.


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  1. And of course, should anyone need a spokesman for the anti-copyright zealotry, I might be able to help out.

    Though as you might expect, I wouldn't characterise principled rejection of copyright as anything less noble than a rejection of slavery. It's still a case of commercial corporations, with the blessing of their state, abusing and penalising human beings that simply wish to enjoy their natural, cultural liberty.