Wednesday, April 23, 2008

World Book and Copyright Day

Today is World Book and Copyright Day , according to UNESCO.

In 2008, proclaimed International Year of Languages by the General Assembly of the United Nations, UNESCO wishes to emphasize the linguistic aspect of publishing: “When a language has no access to the world of publishing, it is excluded – together with those who speak it – from a significant part of the intellectual life and economic activity of society,” declared the Director-General of UNESCO, Ko├»chiro Matsuura in a message on the occasion of this celebration. “In this context, it is then a matter of urgency to give languages broader access to publishing, so as to promote the exchange of books and editorial content.”
(emphasis added)

I'm all in favour of preserving precarious languages. However, what this has to do with copyright is frankly unclear.



  1. I don't think that UNESCO intends to suggest any relationship between endangered languages and copyright. The intended connection is just between endangered languages and publishing.