Monday, April 28, 2008

Canadian Federation of Students Copyright Brief

As advised by the Canadian Federation of Students:

Today, in advance of CopyCamp 2008, the Canadian Federation of Students released the following statement on copyright reform with recommendations including expanding the definition of fair dealing and strengthening language protecting moral rights.


I've had a quick look at this brief and it's excellent. I particularly note the CFS postiion on the proposed educational excepption:
2. Exceptions for Educational Institutions
Asking for special institutional-based exemptions is the approach that was taken in the last round of copyright reform in 1997. It resulted in a complicated, and not very useful, set of narrow privileges for educational institutions. Unfortunately, this approach is still being pushed by groups representing a narrow band of university and college stakeholders: administrators. Seeking further special exemptions that are not available to the general public is a fundamentally flawed strategy. The better option is an expanded and open-ended definition in the Act of fair dealing that reflects the principles laid out in the CCH judgement.

So - policy makers take note. Both the CAUT and CFS have clearly said NO to a special educational exception for use of the internet. That should tell you something.

Well done, CFS. If the students can do this well, what does that say for most of the highly paid lobbyists?


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