Monday, January 07, 2008

Hill Times on Politics of Copyright at Election Time

The Hill Times has a front page article today (for the time being not pay-walled) quoting Michael Geist and I as to how the copyright issue could affect the Conservatives' fortunes in the next election.

I was quoted as follows:

On his blog, Excess Copyright, Howard Knopf, an intellectual property lawyer, also wrote that copyright could become an election issue as many more people are taking note of the file. "It's an emotional file that has lots of zeros attached to it in terms of dollar value. Many billions of dollars in fact. Not to mention cultural sovereignty and consumer rights and choice. A potent combination," Mr. Knopf said. "All of this could add up to votes. And lots of them in the hands of voters who can and will read minutes from committees, blogs and other relevant stuff. And who will find each other and become empowered via the internet. This may not be a cakewalk for the government and it could have interesting consequences at election time.

This was from my Novemer 29, 2007 blog - a couple of weeks or so before we knew that Minister Prentice would retreat....and before Michael's Facebook site had almost 37,000 current members...

Welcome to 2008...


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