Monday, January 14, 2008

Common Cents Prevails

I earlier blogged about the Royal Canadian Mint's ridiculous attempt to collect almost 5,000,000 cents (i.e. $50,000) from the City of Toronto for its effective "One Cent Now" campaign.

Well, it seems that common sense has prevailed and the Mint will pursue fresh and more fertile IP conquests elsewhere...

The Toronto Star has a brief no-nonsense editorial today commemorating the Mint's realization that there is another side to this coin. Maybe the Mint will strike a new coin to celebrate its ascent into enlightenment.

Maybe now they'll go after Certs®, the breath mint, which is a registered trade-mark but not an "official mark," because the appearance of the CERTS mark resembles CENTS and the very thought of such litigation would take your breath away. Actually, it wouldn't work, but never mind details such as the law and think of all the tax payer's money that would be spent in coming to that belated conclusion..

To coin a phrase, I'd like to think that my two cents worth of prescient advice on this innocent little blog helped save the taxpayers from a senseless decent into very expensive nonsense.


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