Monday, July 23, 2007

iPod Levy - Déjà Vu All Over Again?

Last week the Copyright Board ruled that CPCC's proposed new tariff that would include a levy on Digital Audio Recorders, e.g. iPods, could proceed. The Board indicated that it will entertain CPCC's request for a levy on digital audio recorders.

Here's the Board's ruling.

Here's an article in today's Globe and Mail, quoting my client, the Retail Council of Canada.

And here's the judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal from 2004 which says, among other things;

[160] A digital audio recorder is not a medium; the CPCC recognized so much when it asked that the levy be applied on the memory found therein but not on the recorder itself. The Board erred when it held that it could certify a levy on the memory integrated into a digital audio recorder.


[164] In my respectful view, it is for Parliament to decide whether digital audio recorders such as MP3 players are to be brought within the class of items that can be levied under Part VIII. As Part VIII now reads, there is no authority for certifying a levy on such devices or the memory embedded therein.

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to grant leave to appeal from this decision.

Since I'm quite involved with this, I'll say no more. I just thought the above would be useful for information purposes.


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  1. I've written to my Member of Parliment and joined a Facebook group ( Stop Canada's media storage tax(ipod,HDD,etc)Global
    ) opposing this.

    Do you have any recommendations for actions that Canadian Residents can take to oppose this?