Friday, July 20, 2007


SOCAN - the $200 million or so a year grand daddy of all music collectives in Canada - is after hair salons. Last time, the campaign was against dentists.

They want money. Minimum $95 a year.

It is worth reminding beleaguered and overtaxed business persons that s. 69(2) the Copyright Act has a bit of very good news for them on this issue. If they just play music on a "radio receiving set" - in other words a "radio", there is no need to pay SOCAN. Just don't play tapes or CDs, even if the radio includes these features.

I don't know if SOCAN is clearly and actively pointing this exception out to business owners. I doubt it. They really should be required to do so.


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  1. The salon worker may be playing their own CD or tape for their own enjoyment while working. They cannot use ear/headphones due to the wires interfering with their work and for safety reasons. If the client also hears the music, that is unintended and unpreventable unless the client objects and asks for the offending music not be played. The salon worker may have other CDs which would not offend the client and may play one of those instead. Now, what about restaurants?