Friday, June 15, 2007

UK Report on its Copyright Tribunal

The UK Intellectual Property Office has a report on its Copyright Tribunal, calling for several specific reforms, including such things as reduced reliance on expert witnesses and use of a joint expert witness.

The Brits consulted with Canada' Copyright Board and expressed "immense gratitude to The Honourable Justice William J Vancise, Stephen J Callary and all the staff of the CBC for their help and kindness during our visit."

Interestingly, there is a reference to the long awaited Canadian report from Craig Parks:

6.14 Similar criticisms about cost and delay have been voiced against the CBC [Copyright Board of Canada] and Copyright Tribunal of Australia; see - A Report on the Copyright Collectives Operating in Canada by C Craig Parks ...
This suggests to me that the British authors may have seen something that we Canadians have not yet seen - and Mr. Park's study was apparently due for completion in October of 2006, according to Canadian Heritage. That's about nine months ago.

I wonder when the folks at Canadian Heritage will release this study to Canadians...


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