Monday, June 25, 2007

Statutory Damages Suit Pants Suit Dismissed

In a relief to everyone everywhere except the plaintiff, Judge Roy J. Pearson, the $67 million lawsuit over the lost pair of suit pants was today dismissed by a Washington judge. Until the verdict comes in on Conrad Black and Paris Hilton gets out of jail, this could generate a brief window of interesting legal coverage in the USA. Hopefully, the immigrant victims of this monstrous abuse of the litigation system will get some redress by way of costs or otherwise.

Here's the judgment.

Here's an interview with the Defendant's lawyer.

Too bad there isn't sufficient main stream media coverage of the 20,000 plus other outrageous statutory damage law suits in the USA filed by the RIAA over allegedly illegal downloading and file sharing - where the harm done, if any, astronomically exceeds any provable actual damage to the record companies.

PS - reliable sources suggest that the RIAA may now have launched more than 30,000 suits...


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