Sunday, January 29, 2023

I asked ChatGPT: "What are the criticisms of Access Copyright?"

What are the criticisms of Access Copyright?

Access Copyright has been criticized for a number of reasons, including:

1.     The cost of licensing: Some organizations, particularly schools and universities, have complained that the fees charged by Access Copyright are too high.

2.     The scope of the license: Critics have argued that the scope of the license offered by Access Copyright is too broad and that it covers uses of copyrighted materials that should not require a license.

3.     The impact on fair dealing: Some critics have argued that the licensing scheme offered by Access Copyright undermines the principle of fair dealing, which allows for the use of copyrighted materials without permission for certain purposes such as research and private study.

4.     The lack of transparency in the distribution of royalties: Some copyright holders have complained that they do not receive enough information on how royalties are distributed and that they do not receive enough royalties for their works.

5.     The copyright collectives such as Access Copyright are seen as outdated and unnecessary in the digital age where copyright holders have more direct ways to license their content.


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