Friday, February 12, 2021

Copyright Term Extension - March 12 2021 Deadline to Respond to Very Disappointing Document

 ICYMI, see here:$file/consultation-implement-extended-term-copyright-protection-Canada-en.pdf

Deadline to respond is March 12. 2021. There is no conceivable explanation  for such a short deadline given that:

  • The disappointing and very questionable content of the document requires significant expertise in domestic and international copyright and treaty law in order to to adequately respond
  • Those few who have such expertise are likely to be very busy with leave to intervene applications in the Supreme Court of Canada in the Access v. York case due a few days earlier
  • There is no need to rush this, given that Canada has until the end of 2022 to implement our unfortunate capitulation in CUSMA
As always, this is not legal advice. But, from a political standpoint, folks may wish to immediately protest the inexplicably short consultation deadline.


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