Monday, October 29, 2018

Buried Deep in a Budget Bill - Sweeping Amendments re Canada's Copyright Board

Buried in a Budget Bill  introduced today are dozens of pages of very complicated amendments concerning Canada's Copyright Board.

Here is the Bill

See pages 216-236 for starters of this 884 page bill.

I haven't examined it yet - but will do so ASAP in the morning with great trepidation.

It looks like the most drastic and comprehensive amendments concerning the Copyright Board at least since 1988 and possibly since the 1930's.

Whether these amendments are good or bad or both, it would seem inexplicable and inexcusable to include them hidden away in a budget bill in such a manner that meaningful debate or committee hearings are virtually impossible.

The last time that a significant copyright amendment was buried in a budget bill was Stephen Harper's gratuitous windfall handout re sound recording term extension to the American music industry in 2015.

I regret having to ruin your evening.


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