Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blacklock's - The Costs Submissions

Here are the costs submissions in the recent Blacklock's  decision of November10, 2016 that I wrote about earlier.

This is from Blacklock's which lost the case and was ordered to pay costs. Blacklock's  suggests $5,000.

This is from the Attorney General of Canada ("AGC"), which won and is entitled to costs. It has invoked Rule 420, which provides for double costs under certain conditions where a settlement offer was made and turned down.  The AGC is asking for "$115,702.30, representing 70% of its actual costs plus disbursements, or in the alternative at the high end of column IV of the Tariff: $84,584.98."

I shall report on the Court's ruling when available.


PS - update December 5, 2016:

Blacklock's was permitted to file additional material re costs. Here it is.

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