Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Canadian Copyright Update - 23rd Fordham Conference 2015 at Cambridge University

This year, the #FordhamIP conference was held at Cambridge University, a magical place. This was the 23rd Fordham Conference and the second at Cambridge.

Here's my presentation entitled Canadian Copyright Update, in which I dealt with:

Canada’s Copyright Board at the Cross Roads
A pending Supreme Court of Canada case re:
 technological neutrality
whether tariffs can be “mandatory”
A recent decision from the Supreme Court of Canada on what constitutes “substantial similarity” and the role of expert evidence in copyright infringement cases
The Status of Copyright “Trolling” in Canada – the Aronovitch decision re costs of taking the position to take “no position”
Notice and notice, Bill S-4 & Privacy
Bill C-8: Anti-counterfeiting legislation

The moderator of this panel was Nathalie Theberge from Canadian Heritage and the  Panelist (commentator) was Justice Roger Hughes from Canada’s Federal Court.

There was a lot of interest in what is happening in Canada.


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