Friday, January 31, 2014

Deadline of Wednesday February 5, 2014 to Oppose CD "Levy" of $0.29 Each

The deadline to object to CPCC's proposed tariff on blank CDs of $0.29 each is next Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Here's the Copyright Board's notice. There is no cost in terms of Board fees to file an objection and no liability to the CPCC if the objection is later withdrawn or not pursued.

It's surprising that the existing levy generates any income for CPCC, since it's cheaper now to buy DVDs, which hold about seven times the data. But there are, apparently, still some legacy computers out there that don't have DVD burners. There are other obvious storage media choices that are very cheap or virtually free - including cloud, microSD, USB and hard drives.

Here's the latest reported financial data from CPCC.

At the current rate of decline in revenue, CPCC will likely soon be out of business - absent any miracle delivered by way of legislation. This would seem unlikely from a Government that issued a regulation stopping a levy on microSDs and whose then Minister of Heritage, the Hon. James Moore,  referred in 2010 to a proposed levy on iPods, etc. in the following terms:
This idea of imposing a new tax on iPods and MP3 players is not a new idea because there are very few new ideas, unfortunately, that come from the opposition on the issues of copyright and taxes. However, this idea is really toxic and, frankly, really dumb. This would punish consumers if we were to put in place a tax of up to $75 on iPods, Blackberries, cell phones, laptops, computers, memory sticks and automobiles, anything that is capable of playing digital music. (emphasis added)


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