Monday, April 08, 2013

Recent Legislative Developments In Canadian Copyright Law: Is Canada A Reliable Role Model Or A Renegade Rogue? From Fordham 2013

Here is my presentation on the legislative developments in Canadian copyright law in 2012 - which led to a 70 minute long Fordham 2013 session in the amphitheater. Interestingly, the more negative comments on Canada came not so much from the usual American suspects - who have implicitly if not explicitly now noted that certain promising things have happened in Canada and that Canada is no longer quite as bad as the Ukraine. The more negative or skeptical comments came rather from certain Canadian sources. However, I, for one,  do believe that Canada's Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada have both fulfilled their roles elegantly and have, in 2012,  made Canada a role model for other nations to follow.

So - here are my slides. My comments are in green bold. Most of the rest of this is quotations from the statute, the legislative summaries from the Library of Parliament, the regulation and Bill C-56:


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