Thursday, January 03, 2013

Leading Expert Confirms that EXCESS COPYRIGHT is Canada’s No. 2 IP/Tech Blog: “We Try Harder™”

I'm delighted to begin the New Year in comfortable camaraderie with my comrade in copyright, Barry Sookman, who confirms in his learned analysis entitled "Most popular intellectual property and technology law blogs" that:
Canada, has a surprisingly large number of IP/Tech blogs. By far, the most popular is Michael Geist’s blog. By my estimation, his blog is more than 5 times more popular than the next most popular blog, that of his comrade, Howard Knopf’s EXCESS COPYRIGHT blog. 
I have always said that my little blog is to Michael's as Avis is to Hertz. 

Now I see that Avis has just acquired its much smaller competitor, Zipcar:

Hmm... Barry, I see that, according to your analysis, Michael is No. 1, I am No. 2, and you are No. 4. You know - your blog is really rather zippy...Maybe you and I should do lunch sometime...


 WE TRY HARDER® is a registered trade-mark of AVISCAR INC.

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  1. Haha. ... Upsides include getting more sleep, and fewer Internet trolls. Your blog is a gem though, and it's much appreciated; keep up the good work!