Monday, November 15, 2010

Access Copyirght Changes Counsel in Proposed Post-Secondary 1,300% Increase Tariff

Access Copyright (“AC”) has notified the Copyright Board of a change of counsel in the proposed post-secondary 1,300% increase file.

Barry Sookman and McCarthy’s are apparently no longer involved and AC will now be represented by Randall Hofley of Blakes.

Mr. Hofley has previous experience at the Copyright Board with matters having to do with AC.

During the first year of the AC K-12 tariff file at the Copyright Board beginning in 2004, he acted for the provincial government interests against Access Copyright. Since 2009, he has been acting for Access Copyright against the provincial interests in AC’s proposed $24 per full time provincial government employee tariff.

Now, he is acting for AC in its in its proposed post-secondary 1,300% increase file.


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