Friday, October 08, 2010

CBC bans Creative Commons

Michael Geist reports that the CBC has banned Creative Commons music on the radio.

Next, will they ban public domain music such as Bach and Mozart and public domain drama, such as Shakespeare and Shaw?

Oops, I forgot. They already have effectively done so with the remake of Radio 2 a few years ago.

BTW, CBC's new Radio 2 "mix of music you won't find anywhere else" (thank goodness!) will eventually plow several million dollars a year more of taxpayer's money into SOCAN and Re:Sound, since public domain music and recordings are now all but gone on our national broadcaster, as I pointed this out 2.5 years ago here.

Ironically, this format shift has resulted in lower ratings for Radio 2. Quelle surprsise!

And CBC even managed to get rid of the Hockey Night in Canada theme.

That's the state of music at CBC these days....


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