Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Access Copyright "Access" Oxymoron

As a proud member of Access Copyright, I've been trying to log on to to (i.e to "access") its appropriate web pages to verify whether or not folks can meet online Access's unilaterally imposed May 31 2010 deadline for its "Payback" scheme that will somehow presumably put more rationale in its otherwise very unsatisfactory distribution scheme. See the report of the former Dean of U. of T. Law School, Martin Friedland.

Good luck to anyone trying online to work their way through, i.e. to "access" Access's "Payback" process online today....!

As I just tweeted:

Howard Knopfhowardknopf
Access Copyright's "Payback" scheme? Online non functioning on deadline day of May 31,2010? Can't get there from here?


PS - I follow the instructions and persistently get the following error message when I try enter my information via the the Writer tab of the "Books" section:

An error has occurred in this page. All information about this error has been logged and the support team has been notified of the error.
You may contact the support desk at
We apologize for any inconvenience
PS - 11:42 AM Monday May 31, 2010: Access Copyright appears to have corrected the online problem - though I haven't tried to follow it all the way through. I think I'll stick with paper and Access has wisely posted the following notice granting an extension of the deadline for paper until June 15, 2010.


The online claim process for Payback TM will be closing at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on May 31. Please note our office closes on May 31 at 5 p.m. EST and you will not be able to contact Affiliate Services staff that evening.

If you have not done so already, please click here to submit your Payback TM claim to ensure you receive your full royalty payment.

If you do not make an online Payback TM claim by May 31, you can still make a claim by mail, fax or email until Tuesday, June 15. To receive a paper claim form, please email AffiliateServices

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  1. Once again, the site isn't working on this year's (2011) deadline. Step One is to click on the Writer or the Artist button - though in either instance, nothing happens. "Technical difficulties" also kept me from making a successful claim last year. I guess if no one can make a claim, no one has to be paid anything ...