Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long Live Gordon Lightfoot!

Happily, Gordon Lightfoot is alive and well and was on the way from his dentist to his offfice when his death was wrongly exaggerated by, who else, Canwest.

For a tangled tale of twittered troubles today in Canadian newsrooms, see David Akin's evolving current take here.

What's the copyright angle? Lightfoot sez on a radio interview today:
"I heard you mentioned it on the radio on my way in here (his office in downtown Toronto)," joked Lightfoot, live with Adler. "I'm hearing my obituary ... I haven't had so much airplay for weeks."
Check this link to hear his interview.

Hopefully, Gordon will see a big spike on his SOCAN/NRCC cheques for today's bizarre hyperactivity. But he shouldn't count on it - because the mysteries of Canadian collectives' logging and accounting are beyond the scrutiny of mere mortals such as artists and of no interest to Canada's Copyright Board.


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