Friday, January 23, 2009

McCullagh on MacBride

Declan McCullagh has a story on President Obama's appointment of a senior BSA enforcer to a senior position at the Deaprtment of Justice:

For his vice president, Barack Obama chose Joe Biden, a senator with a long history of aiding the Recording Industry Association of America. Then Obama picked the RIAA's favorite lawyer, Tom Perrelli, for a top Justice Department post.

Now, as one of his first official actions as president, Obama has selected the Business Software Alliance's top antipiracy enforcer and general counsel, Neil MacBride, for a senior Justice Department post. Among other duties, MacBride has been responsible for the BSA's program that rewarded people for phoning in tips about suspected software piracy...

Is there a pattern emerging here? If there is, will be soon see a balanced pattern?

There is some speculation that antitrust enforcement could stiffen up - which could help to establish balance.


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  1. I can't see this being a very unfair choice. Both sides in this copyright debate are represented, that's the most important part here. Lessig was an advisor on the internet side for Obama's Campaign. And Lessigs influence looks to be is all over this video:

    I think Obama will bring about balance with both sides now strongly entrenched in "advising" the president on this policy.