Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lord Justice Jacob on Patent Law and the Pied Piper

In the honourable tradition of expert British Judges who speak their mind when helpful on public policy issues, Lord Justice Jacob - who had considerable expertise and experience in patent and trade-mark law before his appointment to the High Court and Court of Appeal - has delivered a public paper on patent policy on November 29, 2008 entitled:
Patents and Pharmaceuticals - a Paper given on 29th November
at the Presentation of the Directorate-General of Competition's
Preliminary Report of the Pharma-sector inquiry
The paper is available here. The video of his presentation is here.

Follow the links to see the connection with the Pied Piper story.

This is an important, interesting and frank paper and serves to illustrate the usefulness of appointing expert and experienced judges and hearing from them on important policy issues outside of their rulings on actual cases.

Hat tip to the IPKat.


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