Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bill C-61 and the [posssible] Election

Don Martin - a columnist who is regarded by many as being very sympathetic to the Conservative Government and well informed on how it operates - has a provocative and not very favourable comment today on the rumoured imminent election.

Among other points, he praises the productivity of this allegedly "dysfunctional" Parliament and then goes on to bemoan the unfinished and important business that would be left on the table if a snap election is called. Guess which item is first on his list?

Of course the sudden demise of the 39th Parliament will leave dozens of important initiatives stillborn, including legislation dealing with copyright protection, food and product safety, youth crime, a national drug strategy and identity theft.

But unfinished business happens whenever a snap election is called.
(emphasis added)

This is a very interesting short list of priorities.

But, then we do live in interesting times.


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