Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Canadian Heritage Studies - Whassup?

A visit today to the Canadian Heritage copyright website reveals the following, which has been posted for many months now about a couple of potentially very interesting studies - which are long overdue... and I mean LONG, LONG overdue.....

So, whassup? Lost in translation? J'en doute.

Studies Underway


The Department of Canadian Heritage has commissioned the following studies. Upon completion, the reports will be posted on this site*. The views and opinions expressed in them are strictly those of their authors and do not necessarily represent those of the fund provider or of the Government of Canada.

Study Title: Music Copyright Management (update of 2002 project)
Prepared By: Craig Parks
Expected Completion Date: November 2007
Summary: This study will analyze the relationship between various parties involved in the production and distribution of sound recordings in Canada

Study Title: Fair Dealing After CCH
Prepared By: Professor Guiseppina D'Agostino
Expected Completion Date: January 2007
Summary: This study will analyze the meaning of the recent important Supreme Court of Canada decision CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada.

* Please note that reports are posted only after translation.


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  1. The "Fair Dealing After CCH" report is referenced in the following PDF:

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