Sunday, December 09, 2007

Richard Stallman on CDN DRM ("Digitial Restrictions Management")

The legendary “free software” ("free" refers to “liberty, not price”) proponent, Richard Stallman, has contacted me and expressed his appreciation of my post about how Canadian copyright law is already stronger and better in many ways than American law.

He has pointed out that hat "DRM" also stands for “Digital Restrictions Management” and has warned Canadians to take action to stop it. He has also written a letter to the editor of the Hill Times about this and about my piece in that publication dated November 26, 2007.

Canada should listen carefully to American experts such as Richard Stallman We must learn from American excesses and errors. Even Bruce Lehman, architect of the DMCA, has effectively told Canada so more than once.

What Richard Stallman says is very important and is watched and admired by many influential people. He is one of the illustrious pantheon of EFF Pioneeer Awards Recipients and recipient of many other honors and honorary doctorate degrees.


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