Friday, February 02, 2007

Praise the Lord and Kickoff the Litigation

What could possibly be more important in the U.S. of A. than the Super Bowl and religion?

You guessed it.

Respect for copyright.

Copyright law, it seems, trumps God and gridiron.

So - the NFL has told Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis that its plans for a Super Bowl watch party in front a big screen TV would be illegal. This, and several other churches in Indiana have canceled plans for communal viewing of the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The NFL forbids such violations of creators’ rights, even where there is no charge for admission. All I can say is that America must be proud to know that mass piracy, theft and flagrant disrespect of creators’ rights are being blocked before they infect the inner sanctums of Indiana churches on Super Bowl Sunday, probably the most sacred day of the year in the USA.

It's one thing to love football, religion, thy neighbor and one's home team. But respect for copyright must always come first.



  1. Thank you, Howard. Property rights are, after all, the foundation of "America" - so this is entirely appropriate, no?

  2. only in America! thank god.

  3. I'm watching the supper bowl (sic) and they keep repeating their copyright BS. In the speal they say that any use blah blah blah including any "account" of the game would be an infringement. I guess if I give an account of the game tomorrow at the water cooler I'll be in violation...or I'll owe them some royalties.