Friday, September 22, 2006


My esteemed client, CIPPIC, fearlessly represented by my esteemed former Queen’s student Jason Young, appeared at the settlement hearing in Toronto yesterday and got the Court to somewhat sweeten the sour settlement reached between SONY and the class action counsel.

There will now be an undertaking by SONY to the Court in Canada, which will hopefully function in effect as an injunction. Points made by CIPPIC concerning Christine J. Prudham’s affidavit are noted by Justice Winkler on the record:

I note the objectors point relating to certain of the technical content of the affidavit of Christine Prudham, although I make no findings in this regard.
This is probably not the end of this story.

My quick take is this. CIPPIC cannot save the world from every ill every time - though it has done so surprisingly often to date in its short history. Anyone who says that the Canadian system is working and that we DON'T need protection FROM DRM is simply WRONG, as this still somewhat sour tasting settlement serves to show.

And SONY has no basis to claim any victory here. Quite the opposite. Only CIPPIC can stand proud after this settlement.


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