Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Two New Copyright Board Appointments: Nathalie Théberge and Adriane Porcin

The Governor in Council has recently made the following long awaited appointments to the Copyright Board:
  • Nathalie Théberge of Gatineau, Quebec, [Director General, Creative Marketplace and Innovation, Canadian Heritage] to be Vice-Chairman of the Copyright Board, to hold office during good behaviour for a term of five years and fixes her remuneration and certain conditions of employment as set out in the annexed schedule, which salary is within the range GCQ 5, effective October 1, 2018.
  • Adriane Porcin  of Winnipeg, Manitoba [Assistant Professor of Law, University of Manitoba], to be a part-time member of the Copyright Board, to hold office during good behaviour for a term of four years.
I’m sure that all members of the copyright community in Canada wish these new members well and thank Claude Majeau, former Vice-Chairman, for his many years of service at the Board. He is widely respected for his corporate memory, wisdom and impartiality. There is a glowing tribute to Claude Majeau currently here at the Board’s website. For convenience and to keep it readily available, I’ll copy it here:

On August 3, 2018, the term of Claude Majeau as Vice-Chair and CEO of the Copyright Board of Canada expired. In a sense it is the end of an era at the Board, and we wish to acknowledge his extraordinary contribution to the Board’s work, and our deep appreciation for it.

Mr. Majeau has been a key contributor to the important role the Board plays in the cultural and creative industries in Canada since 1993, and no more so than in his capacity as Vice-Chair and CEO these past nine years. Prior to 1993, he was a distinguished civil servant in the communications area.

As Vice-Chair and CEO, Mr. Majeau’s vision, his skill and facility in every aspect of the Board’s economic regulatory function, his corporate knowledge, his wisdom and impartiality as a member, and his deft managerial touch, have all enabled him to lead the Board and staff through rapidly changing and challenging times. We and the staff all agree that “CM” is a terrific person to work with and for.

We at the Board are all indebted to Mr. Majeau, as are the public service and the public generally, for the enormous impact he has made in carrying out his various roles. He has been the quintessential public servant – in the finest sense of those words – and we extend our full appreciation and thanks, personally and on behalf of all at the Board, for all that he has done.
Thank you again, Claude.

The Honourable Robert A. Blair
Mr. Gilles McDougall
Secretary General
M. Sylvain Audet


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