Friday, June 26, 2015

D'OH - Right Case, Wrong Judge

It has been discreetly pointed out to me that that I was wrong in a post earlier today about Justice Robert A. Blair, the new Chair of the Copyright Board,  having participated in the 1989 case called R. v. Miles of Music Ltd., 1989 CanLII 255 (ON CA) from the Ontario Court of Appeal.  In fact, Justice Robert A. Blair was not appointed to Court of Appeal for Ontario until November 5, 2003. The Judge, Blair, J.A., who wrote the opinion that I had quoted was in fact Justice Duncan Gordon Blair, who sat on the Ontario Court of Appeal from 1979-1994. The case report does not include Justice Blair's initials. Even the Ontario Court of Appeal website is confused - it apparently misspells his middle name as "Godren"

I will update my blog from earlier today shortly and, meanwhile, offer a rare but in this case well-required “mea culpa”.


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