Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Canadian Bar Association Copyright Submission on Bill C-32 (now C-11) - Some Useful Links

(Mussorgsky/Stokowski/Disney - 1940)
There has been a lot of discussion in recent days about the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Submission on Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act from February, 2011. That bill is the same as Bill C-11, which is now heading into the homes stretch in Parliament. “Some of the top” copyright lawyers in Canada" have signed a letter to the CBA circulated by Claude Brunet and Casey Chisick, demanding that it “publicly withdraw” this document, launch an investigation, etc. The list of signatories (see below) is as interesting for who it does not include as it is for who it does.

The CBA, at all levels up to and including its President, have unequivocally continued to support and express confidence in the submission, the process that led to it, and those involved with producing it. Michael Geist’s name has been mentioned very frequently in the recent discussions and mine a couple of times. For the convenience of those interested, below are links to the most useful recent documents in this saga, beginning with the CBA Submission itself.  

With all of the attention the CBA copyright policy submission has been getting, readers may wish to read it carefully and decide for themselves whether it contains useful points to include in last minute submissions to Members of Parliament and Ministers as the Clause by Clause process on Bill C-11 (identical to Bill C-32) begins. Readers may even wish to bring it to the attention once again of Members of Parliament and Ministers, if they believe this would be helpful.
So – without any further comment:
Here, once again, is a handy list of the responsible Ministers (the Minister of Industry, Christian Paradis, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage, James Moore) and the C-11 Committee members and Clerk of the Committee, at email addresses provided below:     


PS - if you wish to make your views known concerning any of the above at this time to those in Parliament who can do something about fair dealing, email the following. You should be able to cut and paste this list directly into most email clients:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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