Friday, March 21, 2008

Canada, Israel, 301, Pro Patria and Pro Patry

Bill Patry has a great blog today about Israel, Canada and the U.S. "301" watch list, or "wish list", as Bill calls it. He says:
Of course, even large countries like Canada have been threatened: the U.S. is reported to have told Canada that the U.S. won’t do anything Canada wants in other areas unless Canada adheres to the WIPO treaties in the exact form that the U.S. has, and that such implementation is the highest priority in U.S.–Canada relations. That’s ridiculous bluster. I hope that the example of Israel, a much smaller and very vulnerable nation, standing up to the IIPA inspires the Canadians in drafting their anticipated copyright reform legislation. And one thing that might strengthen Canadian resolve is the experience of Israel with the migration of the watch list into an evolving wish list.
Read his whole blog. Canada should welcome the constructive attention of a great American scholar such as Bill Patry. With a few notable exceptions, Canadian copyright scholars have been too quiet for too long on too many of these issues.


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