Friday, May 11, 2007

The Latest Poop on Protest

Here's a protest from something called Art Threat that seems to focus on corporate privatization of just about anything one can imagine.

Some may find this to be clever. Others will find it to be in poor taste. Be forewarned.

In any event, here’s what it’s about, in Art Threat's own words:
Art Threat has launched the PACT campaign: Pooptagging Against Cultural Theft. The concept is simple. Corporations naturally try to privatize everything in their path, so we'll give them a hand. Whenever you see an abandoned pile of doggie doo, stick a copyright flag in it and lay your claim. One by one, we'll show the corporate world what we think of their claim to ownership of our culture.
Here’s the “how to” guide at the Art Threat web site. The video at Art Threat’s site doesn’t work too well, so here’s another link to their video.

Now you have the latest poop - or is it scoop?