Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trick or Treaty?

From today's Speech from the Throne:

Significant international treaties will be submitted for votes in Parliament.
Now, what does that mean? I shall try to find out.

Let's hope that this Governmnet has not made up its mind already on the WIPO treaties. Many would consider that to be a less than funny trick.


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  1. I think that the Conservatives would appreciate being reminded that the thinking in the 1996 WIPO treaties (Make copyright more complex, treat the owners of technology as the attackers of that technology, etc) primarily came out of the 1995 US National Information Infrastructure conversations under Clinton. While protection of "Intellectual Property" is something Conservative support, I don't think that the 1996 treaties qualify as they are primarily anti-competitive (protect incumbent business models from innovators) and anti-real-property (protecting technical measures put on technology which the copyright holders don't own) in nature.