Monday, December 17, 2012

Canadian Statement at WIPO Today re Proposed Treaty for the Blind

I've been advised that Canada today made this statement - taken from the "live feed" - which means that it may contain errors (e.g. ?) and require editorial correction:
CANADA: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Canada is pleased to address this Assembly on the important issue of improving access to works for the visually impaired. We would like to take this turn to reiterate (?) our support of a development on a Treaty on limitations and exceptions for visually impaired persons and person with print disabilities. And the convening of a [Diplomatic Conference] in 2013 aimed at concluding such a Treaty. We appreciate the role that limitations and exceptions in national copyright laws can play in facilitating access for the print disabled. Canada recently brought into fruition(?) amendments to [its] copyright exceptions framework as part of the copyright modernization act that addressed this issue directly. Canada would like to extend its thanks to our fellow delegations for their [hard] work in advancing the working text to its current statement. Given that there is not yet a consensus on certain elements in the draft text, we strongly encourage all Members to work diligently with an objective to address these outstanding matters prior to the Diplomatic Conference.
And to this end, we consider the proposal to contravene -- to convene an intersessional meeting of stand standing [committee] in February 2013 as a positive step to achieving this objective. We will continue to work with the other delegations to advance the text with a view towards [concluding]a new Treaty for visually impaired person and person with print disabilities.

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