Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sue Me, SUMI

In the true spirit of the Olympic movement, Canadian style, one of the mascots is called "Sue Me". Oops, that should be "Sumi".

Here he/she/it is.

So - see ya in VANCOUVER in 2010, Sumi and if you don't like me saying that, then Sue Me, SUMI.

We can play these cute word GAMES during the WINTER .

Can't wait to watch for all of those Gold Medals.

PS -
use of a combination of the red words together as in this humble blog could lead to being sued by the fuzzy, friendly sportpersons at VANOC.

Honestly, SUMI. I'm sorry! My "criticism and parody" propensity drove me to this!



  1. I noticed the same, too funny! Perhaps it should have been Suyu.

    As a side note, I think you will also find VANOC's linking policy of interest (see my current blog post). Captain Copyright reincarnate?

  2. This article says that due to rampant 'over-commercialism' for the 1996 games, the olympic committee has decreed that any host city pass laws to prevent that overcommercialism.

    Usually, those laws are implemented in a heavy-handed manner: they ban any and all usage of 'certain words'